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About the course

Future Leader, in cooperation with King’s University in London, offers a free online course on English in the field of health care, which aims to enable those wishing to work in this field to develop their language skills, learn professional terminology, and methods of communication in various practical situations, in addition to practicing the skill of listening Through healthcare professional registrations, and testing progress with discussion questions.

Duration of the course:
The course consists of 12 hours, with an average of 3 hours per week.

For whom the course is offered:

This course is primarily intended for refugees and internally displaced persons in the Middle East and North Africa who wish to enroll in a university program related to healthcare in the English language.
Enrolled in an “Introduction to Nursing” course on the same website, for additional information.
Learners with an A2 level according to the CEFR, which is considered above the beginner level.
All those interested in developing their English for healthcare communication.
Topics covered by the course:
Training and work in hospitals.
Experience in dealing with patients.
Disease symptoms, and prognosis.
The skill of recording notes, and effective communication.
Working within different frameworks of health care, such as caring for patients in their homes, and the role of health care in the community.
Analytical Writing.

The basic principles that the student will learn:

By the end of the course the learner will be able to:

The use of the English language in real situations, such as using adjectives to explain symptoms, and terms related to the causes of pain, among others.
Dealing with different types of healthcare related practices, such as giving instructions, taking notes, and filling out registration forms.
Explore new words and terms by himself.
Identify appropriate communication methods in different practical situations, such as giving instructions to patients.
Evaluate his or her progress in language, and practice writing in-depth notes.
Compiling medical information from specific sources.
Advantages of taking the course:
King’s University offers all course learners a free upgrade to their personal account on the site, allowing them to:

Repeat the course for an open number of times, including use of educational content and tests.
PDF certificate upon completion of the course.

About King’s University:

Established in 1829 as the parent university of the present-day University of London, it is one of the world’s leading universities for scholarly research and lecturer level, located in the heart of London.

Quick information about the course
Course language: English
Share Certificate: Yes
Course fee: Free

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