A free online course from Future Learn to understand the relationship between learning and memory, making use of educational neuroscience

About the course
The Future Learn e-learning platform announces a free online course entitled “The Relationship between Learning and Memory: Lessons Learned from Educational Neuroscience”.

The scientific context of the course:
This course displays the uniqueness of our human brain, and provides an overview of the central nervous system, the limbic system, and the concept of neuroplasticity. Indeed, social interaction is the primary process that elicits emotions, and gives the signal to initiate information processing and replacement within the brain.

Therefore, this course explores the processes of memory formation and learning, with a focus on what happens in the brain when there are different emotional states and excitations, for example the student will learn how the amygdala – as part of the limbic system – creates memories and events of emotional significance, as well as how It can stimulate fear responses that bypass rational processes in the prefrontal cortex, which in turn can induce so-called “hijacking” by certain triggers, such as chronic stress and anger.

The learner will also learn about the effect of stress on learning and memory, and review reliable evaluation forms to enhance content retention.

For whom this course is offered:
This course is designed for educators, educators, students studying to become teachers, as well as everyone interested in the emerging field of educational neuroscience.

Duration of the course:
The course lasts for two weeks, with an average of two class hours per week.

Course topics:
The unique human brain, nervous system, and limbic system.
The concept of neuroplasticity.
Effects of stress on learning and memory.
Memory handling models.
Reliable evaluation.
Course objectives:
By the end of the course the learner will be able to:

Identify the processes involved in memory creation, consolidation, and retrieval.
Delve into the field of neuroscientific research related to memory formation, and apply it within a range of educational contexts.
Understanding neuroscience concepts of learning and memory.
Course costs:
Central Queensland University in Australia offers everyone who registers for the course the opportunity to digital upgrade the course, and thus can get all the advantages of free study, which means enjoying the following features:

Unlimited access to course materials.
Including articles, videos, peer review activities, and quizzes.
Tests to assess the progress of the learner.
A certificate attesting to the learner’s success in completing the course, in PDF format.

Quick information about the course
Course language: English
Share Certificate: Yes
Course fee: Free

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